Avery Usita



With over 10 years of mixing music and radio experience, Avery Usita had an interest for music and dance since the age of twelve. When he was fourteen Avery focused on breakdancing and mixing music. He would frequently listen to Mix-Show DJ’s and record their mixes, which fueled his drive to mix music. Avery Usita traded his comic book collection to buy a 19” Gemini mixer where he practiced mixing between two tape decks while trying to learn the fundamentals of mixing. Breakdancing was one of Avery’s hobbies however; it was the music and rocking crowds, which Avery Usita had a passion for. Moving to Washington State Avery linked up with another music enthusiast, DJ Estylz, who would lend Avery his turntables before he got his own.  In the life of a bedroom DJ, Avery would bang out his music all day in his room until his parents would tell him to turn it down. Fine-tuning his own style and mixing craft, Avery dreamed of mixing on the radio. In 2004, Victor Meneguax and Marcus D of KBKS Kiss 106.1 gave Avery the opportunity of becoming one of Seattle’s Club Kiss Mix-Show DJ’s. Avery shortly then moved onto serve and fight for his country, but his passion of music and mixing still burned inside him, kind of like syphilis. Avery Usita continued to mix and rock crowds wherever he was stationed, from Arizona to California, with more to come. Avery Usita is currently the Radio Imaging Director / Mix-Show DJ for KRYC Rhythm 105.9 in Northern California. Finally, to a special lady who supports and puts up with Avery’s passion for mixing music, and who will probably end up deaf with him from all the loud music; thank you Crystal!

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